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Cloud computing has revolutionized IT and is disrupting security. Speed, elasticity, and unlimited scale are characteristics of the cloud that conventional security does not support well.

To succeed, cloud security teams need to operate at the same pace as DevOps, secure thousands of continuously changing workloads, and monitor activities and metrics that are unique to the cloud.

This is exactly what the team had in mind when building the Lacework Cloud Security Platform. Our approach natively brings speed and automation to every cloud security process, and:

  • Automates the discovery of what must be protected;
  • Monitors for behavioral anomalies to detect threats and prevent breaches;
  • Eliminates the use labor-intensive rules and policies;
  • Delivers comprehensive insights that replace time-consuming log analysis.

The result is better security regardless of the technology in use now and in the future. Lacework supports public and private clouds, VMs or containers, Docker or Kubernetes, Linux or Windows Server and any combination of these.

Enterprise Strategy Group

“92% of enterprises tried to secure cloud workloads using traditional network security controls. 74% had to abandon some or all of these controls because they proved to be incongruous with this new use case.”

–ESG in CSO Online, Sep. 2017

We attacked the cloud security problem from a completely new direction that wouldn’t slow things down with rules, policies, and log analysis. We started with the realization that every datacenter, every workload, every user, every container, and every process has its own truth. And any departure from that truth signals a potential attack. Inspired by this insight, we created Lacework Polygraph, a zero-touch solution for cloud workload security. At Polygraph’s core, you’ll find Lacework’s deep temporal baseline. The baseline uses big data analytics and machine learning to capture, correlate, and organize the hundreds or thousands of logins, connections, users, workloads, processes, and containers that make up a cloud operation. By comparing current operations to the baseline we can immediately spot security incidents in their infancy – even when entities are misconfigured or unpatched, and even when a privileged insider is behind the mischief.

Lacework Team

Today our customers use Polygraph for breach detection, incident investigation, insider threat management, and DevSecOps insights on their public, private, and hybrid cloud workloads. Polygraph tells the story of every breach – when it happened, how it worked, and what was hit – so you can stop it, fix it, and move on. Now security professionals can rejoice too, and feel the thrill of velocity. Ask us for a demo or trial – we’re excited to share it with you.