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Given the current state of cyber security data breaches, advancements in attacker capabilities and all-too-frequent dumps of new malware and capabilities, it has never been more crucial for organizations to secure themselves. See Webinar...

Secure Your AWS Cloud With Lacework - Demo Replay

On demand demo showing how to secure your AWS accounts with Lacework, ensure compliance to CIS Benchmark, protect S3 buckets, and more. See Webinar...

Prevent Cryptocurrency Mining in Your AWS Account

Learn how modern cybercriminals are actively breaching accounts in public clouds to perform cryptocurrency mining, and how you can take action to prevent this in your AWS cloud environment. See Webinar...


Product Overview

The velocity of the cloud is outpacing the ability to keep it safe. That’s why Lacework built a better solution to tackle modern cloud security issues.

Lacework for AWS CloudTrail Demo

How Lacework integrates with AWS CloudTrail, protecting your AWS deployments by automatically detecting any anomalous activity.

Threat Hunting Demo

Starting with a suspicious login alert, we demonstrate how one can quickly view the timeline of activities to detect a breach.

Customer Testimonials

Snowflake Computing

Listen as Mario Duarte talks about how Lacework Polygraph thwarted the PEN testers at Snowflake Computing.


Learn how Guidebook gained visibility, cross-functional versatility and effective protection with Lacework.

Large Networking Firm

Hear Ian O’Brien’s true-crime story of Lacework, WordPress, and an intruder who never made it out the back door.

Product Videos

Preventing Illicit Bitcoin Mining with Lacework

Hackers have been known to steal cloud resources for Bitcoin mining. Lacework automatically detects new instances unexpectedly coming online that could be a cybercriminal abusing your cloud resources.

Lacework Polygraph

Learn more about polygraphs: what they are, why they’re useful, and how they work. This video introduces the different polygraph layouts and provides a few tips and tricks to help you be even more productive when conducting security operations and investigations.


Dossiers organize information in a streamlined display that invites exploration and empowers investigation. In this video, you’ll learn how to use different types of dossiers, how to zero in on areas of interest by searching and filtering, and tips for navigating between different dossiers.

Platform Tour

The Lacework management console offers a powerful set of capabilities focused on cloud workload security. This video tutorial walks through console management and use, introducing popular features such the dashboard, search and filter capabilities, alerts, and dossiers.

Solution Briefs

Lacework Protection for AWS S3 Buckets

From initial configuration to daily operations, Lacework protection for AWS S3 buckets provides continuous, automated protection. We make it easy to maintain an effective security posture for your S3 buckets by automating all the configuration checking and highlighting the changes or activities that represent a risk with recommendations on how to fix any security weakness. Read More...

Lacework Compliance to CIS Benchmark for AWS

Your security posture can only become predictable once you have established a set of best practices and ensure adherence to these on a continuous basis. Lacework compliance to CIS Benchmark for AWS is a continuous, automated assessment of compliance with recommendations to fix violations. Read More...

Lacework for AWS CloudTrail

Lacework for AWS CloudTrail protects AWS deployments by automatically detecting any anomalous activity. Make sense of the millions of events captured in CloudTrail with no rules, no policies, and no time spent on tedious event analysis. Read More...

Breach Detection

Lacework Polygraph solves the breach detection challenge from a completely different perspective. Rather than relying on policies, rules and signatures, we create a deep temporal baseline of cloud operations. We use that baseline to spot anomalies and breaches. Read More...

Incident Investigation

Cloud security incident investigations are incredibly complex and time consuming. There’s no time to waste: to limit damage and remediate vulnerabilities, security professionals need answers fast. But all too often, investigators confront the aftermath of an attack armed only with incomplete logs. They face a frustrating exercise in manual event correlation that often leads nowhere. Read More...

Threat Management

Lacework Polygraph took a new tack to solve the thorny problem of insider threats. Rather than relying on the rules and policies the power traditional intrusion detection techniques, we create a deep temporal baseline of cloud operations. We use this baseline to spot unusual user behavior and assess its risk – without rules, policies, or log analysis. Read More...

DevSecOps Insights

Today’s cloud DevOps teams deploy new applications and services at a blistering pace. What used to take weeks or months now takes days. Lacework automatically captures the true reality of data centers so even major architectural changes can be made at breakneck speed. Read More...

Lacework File Integrity Monitoring

Designed for high-velocity cloud implementations, Lacework File Integration Monitoring is more than a compliance checklist item. Our FIM solution is designed to be an integral part of your cloud security strategy. Read More...

Lacework Host-Based Intrusion Detection Solution (HIDS)

Cyber criminals are experts at finding and taking advantage of cloud weakness. Misconfigured cloud resources can lead to disaster, even for the most diligently protected cloud deployments. Read More...

Lacework Cloud Security Governance

The drive towards a new cloud-centric IT model has created a governance challenge. Leaders must optimize strategies to cope with escalating security threats, evolving compliance requirements and enticing public cloud services. Read More...

Expanding Security Operation Center Coverage to the Cloud

With a security operations center, organizations can shorten threat response times and stop breaches before they become damaging. But to get the most out of a SOC, businesses need to monitor every IT asset - including those in the cloud. Read More...

White Papers

SANS Institute Review

Today’s dynamic cloud environments present new challenges to security practitioners. Tailoring old policy-and-logs approaches to the demands of the cloud require time and resources that organizations don’t have. In this review, SANS analyst and instructor Matt Bromiley shares his experience using Lacework to mitigate these challenges. Read More...

Ovum Report

Cloud adoption is expanding at an explosive rate, creating a growing requirement for security technologies such as Lacework’s Polygraph to monitor workloads, provide alerts about potential breaches, and highlight possible insider threats. Ovum expects to see Lacework attracting considerable customer interest, particularly given its cloud-native and low-touch approach to operations as well as to sales and marketing. Read More...

Hurwitz Report

Based on quantitative research, as well as qualitative interviews with industry practitioners, this report covers why businesses are increasingly evolving their security strategy to advance their cloud strategy. The findings demonstrate that balancing velocity and security in the cloud starts with adopting new approaches to security. Read More...

451 Research Report

As the scalability and elasticity of new IT stretches existing security practices to their limits, Lacework looks to help maintain proper security. Read More...

Case Studies



With Lacework, Guidebook has a clear and complete picture of security operations across their entire AWS implementation, from the AWS API to server and user level activity. Read More...

Snowflake Computing

Snowflake Computing

Foiling PEN Testers with Automated Cloud Security: Learn how Snowflake was able to gain full visibility into their environment to follow everything that was occurring, end to end. Read More...



Logs, Logs and More Logs: Learn how Wavefront simplified security operations by deploying Lacework’s automated cloud security platform, eliminating manual tasks and saving time. Read More...